I am a professional Life/Executive Coach and the founder and CEO of the Power of Peace, www.powerofpeace.com, the first-ever social interactivism website.

Like many of my generation, after graduating from university in South Africa, I immigrated to the United States with two suitcases and enough money for a month. Soon after arriving, I ran the product development department for a Los Angeles based company with a multi-million dollar budget and a staff of ten.  After 7 years after having been recruited into two additional executive positions, I transitioned to the Internet industry. I moved to New York to work for companies including CMGI’s AdForce, the Guggenheim Foundation as well as the SVP/General Manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. I was at the forefront of innovation and development in the Interactive media industry and was the primary spokesperson for a number of organizations with both consumer and business press, a frequent speaker at events worldwide and appeared on multiple TV shows like MSNBC’s Squawk Box.
I have been influenced by two significant events in my life: growing up under the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the attacks in New York on 9.11. I lived 5 blocks from the World Trade Center and watched the first plane hit into the North Tower. I had a front row seat to the horrors that unfolded and saw things that are forever embedded in my soul. 
I worked at Ground Zero for 6 weeks and was struck not only by the devastating destruction and loss, but by the spirit and camaraderie  of a neighborhood desperate to somehow “fix” what had happened. The “red zone”, as it was called, became a place of infinite peace in a time of unspeakable horror. 
In the weeks that followed, I felt an inexplicable sense of responsibility and I knew I was about embark on a very different life journey. 
My personal, entrepreneurial and corporate experiences have enabled me to build and grow my own businesses and those of others. Being a coach allows me to guide my clients through a process in which complex issues are simplified, prioritized and resolved efficiently and cohesively. Along the way, we break bad habits, germinate and grow ideas and build and evolve character traits. If attaining these goals are of interest to you, take the first step by contacting me at:
Sheryl Daija
E: sheryl@straightupcoach.com
T: 917 287 6140

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